Fission: It's a Wrap!

We finished up our last day of shooting Fission. This shoot was awesome. Lots of high energy and hard work from everyone involved. I got to work with my very talented friends Zev Steinberg and Travis Staton-Marrerro who helped with the combat in the film. I'm telling' you, this one's gonna be great.  

Check out their websites below!
Zev Steinberg: 
Travis Staton-Marrerro:

Garrett Jafano Productions:




First Day of Shooting "Fission"

Yesterday was the first day of shooting my next project, "Fission" with GJ Productions! I had a great evening of some intense acting with this amazing team! Had to use the shower at my DP's house for a scene. Haha! Behind the scenes footage soon to come. Can't wait for everyone to check out this short film! 
Also, check out the amazing work of GJ Productions here:

First Post

My last year of MSU is quite a difficult one. But I'm learning and doing so much. I'm taking dance classes and I'm able to notice a change in my movement. My acting has also been quite inventive lately. I feel like I finally understand what I was learning, when it comes to inner monologue. I just wish I had more time to complete it all. This year is kickin' my butt. But it's still fun! :D