We've reached the middle of tech week for the musical XANADU at Michigan State University's new Studio 60 theater. We've put in so many hours into this show and have even learned new skills (roller skating, y'all). This show has been so fun and has helped me open up so much as a performer. I FEEL INVINCIBLE!!! Come see our fun show November 15-24. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE


Fission: It's a Wrap!

We finished up our last day of shooting Fission. This shoot was awesome. Lots of high energy and hard work from everyone involved. I got to work with my very talented friends Zev Steinberg and Travis Staton-Marrerro who helped with the combat in the film. I'm telling' you, this one's gonna be great.  

Check out their websites below!
Zev Steinberg: http://www.zevsteinberg.com/ 
Travis Staton-Marrerro: http://tstaton.wix.com/travis

Garrett Jafano Productions: www.GJproductions.com